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Brand: KINGSTON Model: SA400S37/240G
700.00 EGP
Ex Tax:700.00 EGP
Brand: KINGSTON Model: SA400S37/480G
Fast start-up, loading and file transfers. A400 has a 7mm form factor to fit in a wider array of systems. It’s ideal for slimmer notebooks and in systems with limited available spaceMore reliable and durable than a hard driveMultiple capacities with space for applications or a hard drive replacement..
900.00 EGP
Ex Tax:900.00 EGP
Brand: KINGSTON Model: HyperX FURY 8 GB 3200MHz
750.00 EGP
Ex Tax:750.00 EGP
Brand: KINGSTON Model: HX432C16FB3A/8
850.00 EGP
Ex Tax:850.00 EGP
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