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SilverStone DA1000 Gold Cybenetics Gold 1000W semi-modular ATX power supply
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Product SpecificationsProduct No.SST-HA1200R-PMModel (safety certification)SST-AX1200MCPT-AColorBlack (lead-free paint)Max. DC Output1200WPower density620W per literLoad RangeOutput+3.3V+5V+12V+5VSB-12VMax.(Amps)22A22A100A2.5A0.3AMin.(Amps)0A0A0A0A0ARange (%)±3%±3%+5/-7%±5%±5%Line Reg.(%)±1%±1%±1%±1..
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Silverstone HELA 1300R Platinum Cybenetics Platinum 1300W PCIe 5.0 (Fully Modular)
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Product SpecificationsProduct No.SST-HA1300R-PMModel (safety certification)SST-AX1300MCPT-AColorBlack (lead-free paint)Max. DC Output1300WPower density720W per literLoad RangeOutput+3.3V+5V+12V+5VSB-12VMax.(Amps)24A24A108.3A3.0A0.5AMin.(Amps)0A0A0A0A0ARange (%)±5%±5%+5/-7%±5%±5%Line Reg.(%)±1%±1%±1%..
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